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Cut out the Gooseneck Vent opening in the roof sheathing. Size the opening in accordance with the chart shown. In the event a mechanical vent fan is used, size the vent opening in accordance with vent fan manufacturer's piping connection instructions.
Do not cut into trusses or rafters when cutting the opening in the roof.


Remove interfering shingle nails around the perimeter of the opening so that the nailing flange of the vent lays flat to the roof sheathing. Slide the top and side flanges of the vent up and under shingles. Allow the bottom vent flanges to lay on the top of the shingles.


Care should be taken in keeping the vent properly aligned. Vent pipe is sealed if utilized. Nail in place using 1-1/4" nails at each corner. Roofing cement should be applied to all shingle edges near the outer edge and around the entire perimeter as recommended in severe weather coastal construction zones.