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Minimum 4/12 pitch required.Cut out the off ridge opening in the roof sheathing as shown in Figure A. Size the opening in accordance with the correct cutting data models and locate the opening 6" minimum off the peak ofthe roof as shown in Figure B. For single vent applications, install vent as close to the center ofthe roof length as possible. Install multiple vents inevenly spaced areas of the entire roof length. Do not cut into trusses or rafters when cuttinghole in the roof.


Remove interfering shingle nails around theperimeter of the opening. Slide top and side flanges of the vent up and under shingles. Allow the bottom vent flanges to lay on top of shingles.


Care should be taken in keeping the vent properlyaligned. Nail in place using 1-1/4" coating roofing nails spaced approximately 6" - 12" on center and1-1/2" from each end. Roofing cement should be applied to all shingle edges and nail heads to prevent water leakage. In severe weather coastal construction zones, caulking around entire perimeter, under vent flanges and near outer edges is recommended.

Off Ridge Roof Vent Installation
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Florida Building Code 11100.4